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What Is A TricoTest?

The TricoTest® is a state-of-the-art diagnostic used for detailed hair and scalp analysis.

During this non-invasive evaluation, various readings are taken to help assess the scalp environment and hair health. A special camera, called a tricoscope, is also used to help assess scalp and hair health. The results allow us to craft a comprehensive approach to meet your needs and goals

With the combination of our expertise and the state-of-the-art technology of the TricoTest, we can provide a customized plan to help you love your hair again. For more information, contact our Rhinebeck, NY center to schedule a consultation.

What are the Benefits of TricoTest Scalp Analysis?

There are many reasons patients in Rhinebeck, NY choose to undergo a TricoTest at Encore Hair Center. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Accurate assessment: The TricoTest uses advanced technology to provide detailed and accurate readings of your scalp and hair health, allowing for a more precise diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Customized approach: Based on the results of the TricoTest, our experts can create a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Non-invasive: The TricoTest is a non-invasive procedure, meaning there is no discomfort or downtime. It also does not damage the hair or scalp in any way.
  • Comprehensive evaluation: With the combination of tricoscope images and readings from various measurements, the TricoTest provides a comprehensive evaluation of both scalp and hair health.

How Is A TricoTest Performed?

The TricoTest is an innovative procedure that uses non-invasive diagnostic tools, including a tricoscope, to get a close-up look at your scalp and hair. Measurements such as sebum, hydration, and pH levels are evaluated along with the trichoscope images. This information is used to assess your condition and help determine the treatment plan most suited for your unique hair loss situation.

TricoTest Scalp Analysis

As the premier certified trichologist in the Hudson Valley area, AnneMichelle Radcliffe is also one of a few specialists in the US offering the TricoTest at her Rhinebeck, NY center. This innovative evaluation helps us identify hair loss so we can customize the most effective solutions. If you're ready to reclaim your look, contact our center today to schedule a consultation.

Finding AnneMichelle right when I needed her was a blessing! Over two years of life and work stress took me from wondering if my hair really was thinning to knowing it was – and at that point, I began to panic! After AnneMichelle calmed me down, she assessed the condition of my scalp and hair and came up with a treatment plan. Then she gave me a fantastic cut that camouflaged the thin areas, while we allowed time for her magic to start working! I saw results quickly – my scalp condition improved and my hair has been growing back! And the best part – I receive compliments on my hair routinely! Thank you AnneMichelle!

E.B. Office Visit

The level of service that AnneMichelle provides is above the rest. She has gone above and beyond what was expected with the time she has spent with me and her ability to accommodate me. She is a renaissance woman in her field, experienced in all aspects of hair and scalp. One of the areas that she particularly specializes in is thinning hair solutions, which was my reason for seeking her expertise. I’m consistently impressed by her professionalism and passion for what she does, as well as compassion for those who are sensitive about particular aspects of their hair. I had expressed concern for areas of my hair that were thinning and she listened thoroughly, created a treatment plan, taught me some tricks of her trade to disguise my sensitivities, and she shared in my joy as we saw it working. I have had long hair for over 30 years and I gave AnneMichelle the artistic freedom to cut it much shorter for the very first time. Thanks to her guidance and hair care products, in just a short period of time, my hair is healthier, shinier, and most importantly, fuller. It was a very large step for me to entrust someone with my hair in these manners, but AnneMichelle truly came through for me. If the biggest compliment that I can possibly pay to someone is to recommend them to others, then for AnneMichelle, I will tell everyone I know!

A.F. Office Visit

“Getting my life back is a huge understatement!” Finding AnneMichelle was truly a saving grace for me. I had been struggling with hair loss from the young age of 23 and had been trying to manage it on my own for about 15 years, all the while having my condition worsen and my self-esteem diminish. After reading an article about AnneMichelle in “Best of Hudson Valley” magazine, I finally had hope for the first time in many years and anxiously made an appointment. At our first meeting, she made me feel extremely comfortable. Her knowledge of hair loss and hair prosthetics blew me away. She took the time to explain all my options with me and together we chose the best system for my specific condition. When my system came in and was applied for the first time, I immediately felt like a new person. Nervous, of course, of what people might say about my big change but thrilled to have the opportunity to find out. No one could tell what I had done, just that I looked amazing! The compliments I received and continue to receive are overwhelming and most of the time I have to remind myself that they are talking about me. I have been working with AnneMichelle for almost three years now and with every visit, she takes her time and is 110% focused on me and the work she is doing. She has not only given me my life back but has actually made it better. With my system on, I have more confidence than ever and it shows in my career and personal life. If I could share one statement with others who have been struggling with hair loss it would be that you are worth it! Take the leap and make that call today, you will be so happy you did. I will forever be grateful for everything that AnneMichelle has done and continues to do for me!

A.B. Office Visit

The year I turned 70 my hair began to fall out for no apparent reason. Wow! – was I the lucky one to have already been AnneMichelle’s client! She alerted me to my hair loss and knew exactly what to do – immediately gave me a scalp assessment and treatment and prescribed a comprehensive hair loss support regimen that I followed very carefully for the next 6 – 9 months. I also, got a wig from her that nobody even knew I was wearing – it looked so much like my hair. She gave me scalp treatments every month and kept a good watch on my scalp – monitoring its health and watching to see if new hair was beginning to come in. As time went on – new hair growth appeared – short and curly at first, and not a familiar texture, but it was my hair!! After about 9 months, my hair was beginning to look and feel like it did prior to this whole event. Now my hair is full and healthy again! I am so happy and fortunate to be her client.

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How long does a TricoTest scalp analysis take?

A typical TricoTest scalp analysis session is relatively quick and efficient, usually completed within an hour. This duration allows for a thorough assessment, including taking various measurements and images with the tricoscope.

Can a TricoTest analysis detect all types of hair and scalp conditions?

The TricoTest is designed to identify a wide range of hair and scalp conditions by assessing factors like sebum, hydration, and pH levels and providing detailed images of the scalp. While it covers a broad spectrum of conditions, consultation with our specialist, AnneMichelle Radcliffe, can help determine if it's suitable for your specific concerns.

Is there any preparation required before undergoing a TricoTest scalp analysis?

No special preparation is needed before a TricoTest scalp analysis. However, it's advisable to avoid using any hair styling products or treatments that could interfere with the accuracy of the scalp's assessment on the day of your appointment.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.