Information About Hair Restoration Services

About Our Services

At Encore Hair Center, we offer a variety of hair assessment and treatment options to provide you with as many proven hair loss solutions as possible. Each of our clients is unique and your hair loss solution should be too. By utilizing the latest technologies, certified trichologist AnneMichelle Radcliffe offers the TricoTest™ to help determine the root cause of your hair loss so we can customize your hair solution options, including Alma TED, CNC 3D hair prosthesis, CNC XT hair extension, LLLT, trichology, scalp and hair care products, and more.

Scalp and Hair Assessment


Our one-hour consultation and coaching sessions help us understand your needs and create a customized plan and roadmap to revitalize your hair.

TricoTest® Scalp Analysis

The TricoTest is an innovative diagnostic assessment that provides a close-up look at the scalp and hair follicles so we can analyze your hair loss.



Trichology uses evidence-based science to discover the cause of hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp disorders in order to provide hair loss solutions.

TED™ Hair Restoration

If you are dealing with thinning and hair loss, we can help you reverse the concern by performing nonsurgical hair restoration.

CNC 3D Hair Prosthesis

CNC 3D hair prosthesis is a world-class hair system that is handcrafted to match your scalp, hair color, density, and type.

CNC XT Hair Extension

CNC XT hair extensions are an innovative method to add volume and length to your hair.


Wigs can help individuals address their hair loss by masking areas of lost or thin hair with natural-looking hair enhancements.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is the process of "tattooing" tiny dots onto the scalp that look like hair follicles to camouflage thinning or lost hair.

Scalp and Hair Products

Scientifically proven hair and scalp health products are an important part of your hair care journey when fighting hair loss and thinning.


Hair Fact hair supplements provide vital minerals and nutrients that are necessary to maintain the health of your hair — and your overall well-being.
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