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Nonsurgical Hair Restoration

Love Your Hair Again!

Welcome to Encore Hair Center, Rhinebeck, NY's premier destination for nonsurgical hair restoration, regenerative therapies, and comprehensive scalp and hair wellness. Our "whole-istic" approach combines proven therapies and artistic expertise to help you reach your goals. Whether your hair loss arises from a medical condition, lifestyle factors, or other reasons, our specialists are ready to help you love your hair again!
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Assessment and Solutions

Customized Hair Loss Solutions

At Encore Hair Center, we utilize cutting-edge technologies and proven solutions to offer fully customized hair restoration plans tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives. Our guests begin with a one-on-one consultation, during which we assess individual requirements and develop a personalized treatment plan. We provide a range of solutions, including trichology, Alma TED, CNC 3D hair prosthesis, scalp and hair wellness products, and more, all designed to help you restore your confidence and love your hair again!

Scalp and Hair Assessment

Your treatment will be 100 percent customized to meet your needs. That's why we always start with a consultation and TrichoTest™.

TED™ Hair Restoration

We are proud to offer some of the latest and most innovative hair loss solutions, including scalp micropigmentation, trichology, and more.

CNC 3D Hair Prosthesis

Create a natural-looking, stunning, long-lasting hair prosthesis through the exclusive CNC 3D hair prosthesis program.


Hair Fact supplements are designed to strengthen your hair, boost hair growth, and promote a healthy scalp in men and women.

Meet AnneMichelle Radcliffe

Award-Winning Hairstylist and Hair Specialist

AnneMichelle Radcliffe, WTS is a certified trichologist who is passionate about bringing her knowledge of both the art and science of hair to her clients in and around Rhinebeck, NY. Known for her excellence in the field, AnneMichelle uses a positive, science-forward approach to helping individuals address their hair loss concerns. With over 25 years in the hair industry, AnneMichelle can help you love your hair again!

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Getting To the Root of Your Hair and Scalp Problems

Trichology, the specialized field focused on hair and scalp issues, serves as the foundation for AnneMichelle's approach. She incorporates scientific, evidence-based techniques that consider your lifestyle, diet, and general health and wellness to help determine the root causes of your hair loss. We are dedicated to helping you reignite your best self by delivering custom solutions designed to meet your individual goals.

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Maintain Your Beautiful Hair

Restore and Prevent Hair Loss

When you choose Encore Hair Center, our commitment goes beyond our initial consultation. We provide regenerative therapies to promote healthy hair growth and offer proactive measures to prevent future hair loss. We take pride in offering a range of world-class hair replacement options that are completely undetectable, providing you with the utmost discretion and natural appearance. Our ongoing support system ensures you are well informed and comfortable in your journey. You'll also have exclusive access to the latest breakthroughs in hair science, advanced techniques, cutting-edge treatments, and premium hair care products. This comprehensive approach ensures you're at the forefront of exuding confidence, feeling fabulous, and having hair so good it deserves an encore.






Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Dear Anne Michelle: I waited to send this until both my daughters (and my grandchildren) had a chance to see your great handiwork. They all thought the wig was absolutely perfect and made me look like my old self again. It does make a radical improvement and is a tremendous boost to morale. Please take a well-deserved bow for what you and your great skill were able to do for me. With appreciation and gratitude, O.H.

O.H. Office Visit

As a 21-year-old suffering from hair loss, my self-esteem took a significant blow. I hated wearing my hair down and was always self-conscious people would notice my bald patches and thinning hair. However, all of that changed when I discovered AnneMichelle Hair, a hair restoration salon that gave me my confidence back and transformed my life! From the moment I stepped into AnneMichelle Hair, I was greeted with warmth and understanding. AnneMichelle was not only an expert in her field but also compassionate and she truly empathized with the emotional toll of hair loss. We discussed my specific needs, lifestyle, and desired outcome in great detail. She took the time to answer all of my questions, providing me with the information and assurance I needed to make an informed decision. Together, we determined that a custom two-part hair piece would be the best solution for me, and I have loved wearing it since the moment it went on my head! Not only did AnneMichelle provide me with physical restoration, but she also offered unwavering emotional support throughout the entire process.Today, I have a newfound sense of confidence I never thought I would have again! I am no longer held back by my hair loss; instead, I am empowered to live life to the fullest, confident in my appearance and ready to conquer the world.

J.T. Office Visit

Taking the first step is hard but it is so empowering. I suffered in silence with my hair loss for years, thinking I could treat it myself - I just needed to find the right product. I wasted time and money and my hair loss continued to get worse. Then one afternoon I came across AnneMichelle’s website and I suddenly felt really hopeful. I just knew she could help me but I needed to take that first step of talking openly about my hair loss. My on-line consultation with AnneMichelle was amazing and so freeing. She made me feel comfortable and not alone. She listened and helped me devise a hair recovery program specific to me with realistic and attainable goals. I’m finally on a solid hair recovery path and I have the best guide. AnneMichelle is fantastic!!

H.R. Office Visit

I have been a client of AnneMichelle’s for greater than six years now. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called lichen planus which caused a good size bald spot on the back of my scalp. The cause is unknown and the treatment limited. The dermatological treatment of this condition, in my case, was unsuccessful and was not helpful with the cosmetic issue either. I was a woman in my mid 50’s and had thought of myself as still attractive until this happened. I was extremely stressed and distraught. Luckily, I found AnneMichelle who has been amazing. She not only assisted with creating a custom partial hairpiece, she actually worked with me to regrow hair surrounding the bald spot. During flare-ups, my scalp was red, inflamed, and sore. She used a variety of treatments taking an active interest in getting my scalp healthier to prevent additional hair loss. Most of my hair has grown back now and I have been able to go without a hairpiece thanks to the way she styles my hair to cover the area. I never realized the various options that were available. I will be forever grateful for Anne Michelle’s knowledge, caring, and expertise.

D.B. Office Visit

My hair was thinning rapidly and I needed help. AnneMichelle assured me she could help. Together, we explored several solutions in order to find one that suited me best. I now have a beautiful wig that no one can believe is a wig. From the start, I received comments such as “you look 20 years younger,” and “great hair.” The wig has boosted my morale and my appearance. The experience of working with AnneMichelle was a total pleasure.

B.B. Office Visit


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